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August Firewalk

I led another firewalk last night, August 20. Despite life being painful right now—some personal loss I prefer not to go into on the blog—I rose to the occasion and a larger crowd than last month was really served by the experience. Unlike other walks, many people in this group wanted to walk silently. And once they got started, they did not want to stop! I used music for the first time, gave out “firewalker” pins, and talked a bit more about the link between firewalk and integrity. The dominant words in the testimonials were “exhilaration” and “serenity.”

Here is a sampling:

“There was initial anxiety and trepidation…By the time I faced the fire, I found myself in the center of calm and a feeling of serenity. It is that feeling that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.” Thanks, Tony!”  ~Preston C., educator, 53

“A very liberating experience like breaking through a barrier. A feeling of calmness pervades my body and mind. I highly recommend it.” ~Paul Strebel, financial advisor, instructor, consultant, 52

“The fear was more effort than performing the firewalk and other enlivening tasks of this incredible evening.” ~Daniel Keough, public health advocate

“Freeing…lightening…essence of what all of us need in life: a dram of courage, a dose of ‘yes I can.'”  ~Eric Machan Howd, educator, 42

“…it is empowering. I really felt like I was in the moment and in myself.” ~Lindsay Myron, student, 21

“Tonight’s experience was absolutely liberating!…Any words to describe [it] would somehow take from the experience.” ~Jason Wilson, daddy, 36

“It is about commitment. You can do anything if you step into it.” ~Naari S., student, 21

“Very exhilarating!” ~Douglass Bennett, landscaper, 39

What a joy it is to be able to give that experience to people! I look forward to running multi-day events, with a firewalk at the beginning. What a wonderful space gets cleared. I look forward to filling that space with integrity.