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Write up in The Daily

The Daily is sending reporter Justin Rocket Silverman on a cross-county expedition to find the best, the boldest, and the strangest our nation has to offer.  It’s a great summer road trip – and you’re invited to ride shotgun.  Buckle up, stay safe, and enjoy America!

Episode 1: Firewalking
Ithaca, N.Y.

Anyone can walk on fire — really! It doesn’t even hurt all that much. The secret is taking slow, steady steps that distribute weight across the entire foot. That’s the lesson firewalking guru Tony Simons teaches at his hot-footed workshops in Ithaca. It may sound like ninja training, but Simons is a peace-loving professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University in town. Instead of kicking butt, his how-tos are about overcoming the fears that hold us back in life. After all, if you can stroll barefoot across flaming coals, you can certainly ask the boss for a raise.

Watch 4-minute Video: