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Another Amazing Firewalk

I ran another firewalk last night.  It was incredible.  Around 20 people again — a couple drove up from NYC, five people came from Waterloo, an hour and a half from here.  A mother and daughter who called from a shelter.  All walks of life, all looking for a shot of courage to face upcoming challenges, or a general boost in their lives.  Everyone got what they came for.   I hired a film student to record the event, so I can post a short video on my firewalk page.  He got some great footage.  I have sooo much fun running these events.  My heart sings.

The testimonials were so good that I do not even know how to pick them — so here are the first several from the top of the pile:

“This was a wonderful experience, in all of its forms.  Each step led me to a greater strength within.  All parts of my body and mind were activated, engaged and embraced.  I learned to trust myself and others — both of which have been very difficult for me in the past.  Anyone who wants to feel part of something greater and feel love for yourself should take a chance and firewalk.” –Lisa Bennett, 30, teacher

“Tony makes facing your fears feel safe.  After an evening working with him, walking on fire is easy.” –Julia Bently, 30, project manager

“I had so much fun tonight, and I would absolutely repeat this experience.  It has always been difficult, if not impossible, for me to trust others — much less people I do not even know!  However, tonight, because I let myself trust a group of amazing strangers, I feel like I can overcome any obstacle in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.” –Miriam Lehrer, 19, student

“Very profound — a truly transforming experience.  I think it will take me some time to process it all — but in every way I know it to be great.  Thank you.”
–James W., 55, network administrator

“Indescribable, almost euphoric.  Thank you and everyone who participated in this experience.  It was life-changing.” –Pamela Crossno, 39, photographer

“It honestly was a life-changing experience.  I suggest it for anyone who suffers abuse or any othr kind of suffering.  People forget what it is like to trust and love — and this event will make you feel powerful, at peace, and more outgoing to stangers.  Thank you so much for this chance to remember how it should always be!” –Cheyenne Crossno, 16, student

“This was a really grounding, centering spirit exercise for me.  At times, I get stuck in mundane life and forget that there is so much more in life to experience.  I was able to step out of everyday life for a few hours and be between the worlds — remembering my own power and my own ability to step up and be brave!” –Eve Katz, 43, special education teacher

“This experience opened my heart to trust and have faith in others and in myself — as well as strengthening my bond with Great Spirit.  I am at peace…  I was moved to tears after the firewalk by emotions I don’t understand.  All I know is it was the next step on my path.  I leave now stronger than I was when I came in.  Faith, trust and love”. –Lin Hill, 50, social worker

T”his was a profoundly insightful experience I would recommend for everyone.  I came here needing and looking for courage within myself and I found it!  I plan on attending again.  There has never been a three-hour experience where I have walked away with so many friends.” –Kristin White, 27, nursing student

“To step into the fears of my life was very empowering.  Too often I dismiss myself and offer everything to others.  To have others genuinely there for me made me feel very supported and even “loveable.”  It brought it home to me too, i.e. that I am “loveable” to me.” –Joseph O., 53, musician

“…if I can walk through fire once I can walk through the obstacles that will soon face me in life.  Thank you for giving me the courage to see the things I hide deep down under the surface.” –Melissa Gilbert, 25, residential sociotherapist

“Thinking you have no fear or anything you can’t handle, then Tony throws you things to do and the fears pop up and you face them.  He brings out the best in you that you have…. Total out-of-body experience.  At the end, a sense of peace!  I recommend it to anyone no matter what is going on in your life!” –Andrew Bennett, 24, youth care professional

It really humbles me that people take all this great stuff from my firewalk empowerment workshop.  I am just the guy who went and studied how to run these exercises safely.  The participants do all the hard work, and the exercises simply are what they are.  I look forward to sharing it with more people.