What recent participants had to say:

"I broke through something so deep inside myself that I didn’t even know it was holding me back. In a safe, protected environment, strangers became friends and opened our hearts to each other. And then we walked through fire together. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Marne O’Shae, physician   

“To be given both perspective and self-confidence is a truly beautiful thing. Thank you Tony.”

Grant B., butcher   

“Do not bring anything with you.
There is nothing to prepare for.
The journey takes you through yourself
No matter where you are
Each step toward the fire, is your next step in life.
Each step on the fire is the process of awakening.
Each step away from the fire
Is filled with gratitude.
Thank you.”

Ira Kamp, dentist/acupuncturist   

“A great feeling! It was an experience I am very glad to have had. Would recommend to others who would like to have some time for themselves for reflection.”

Marge Clark, aging specialist   

"Tonight was unbelievably powerful. I conquered what was keeping me from all that I can be. I conquered myself. I am filled with power beyond measure. I can create and do anything. I am my own creator."

Josh M., student   

"Walking the fire was great, but that was only the cherry on top. The main course was the camaraderie, the joy, and the excitement we felt as one by one we moved past our fears."

Paul M., professor   

"I thought I was a present-minded person for the most part until I attended and participated in a firewalk."

Erik Lehmann, salesman & Fundraiser   

"…exciting to push beyond my normal comfort zone…"

Rachel G., psychotherapist   

"…broadening the bounds of the possible…"

Teo K., engineer   

"I walked to the other side energized and faithful."

Lieselot B., graduate student   

"...exhilarating… it will continue to ripple for a very long time. I am taking 'tenuous' out of my vocabulary and replacing it with 'substantial.'"

Lisa B., RN, massage therapist   

"When you've walked through fire, you know you can do anything."

Anthony L., office worker   

"There was initial anxiety and trepidation…By the time I faced the fire, I found myself in the center of calm and a feeling of serenity. It is that feeling that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. Thanks, Tony!"

Preston C., educator   

"A very liberating experience like breaking through a barrier. A feeling of calmness pervades my body and mind. I highly recommend it."

Paul Strebel, financial advisor, instructor, consultant, 52   

"The fear was more effort than performing the firewalk and other enlivening tasks of this incredible evening."

Daniel Keough, public health advocate