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Next Firewalk: Courage to Become, A Queer Firewalk Journey

Monday, June 10th, 6:30-10 PMRegistration Here!

Join us for a transformative night of empowerment, self-discovery, and community in our Queer Firewalk Journey. Experience the courage and thrill of breaking barriers, from shattering a board with your bare hands to walking over hot coals unharmed! You are coached and supported every step of the way. Each challenge is an invitation to explore your deepest self in a supportive, queer-centric environment.

✨ Event Details: ✨

  • Location: Foundation of Light, 391 Turkey Hill Rd, Ithaca, NY. Mostly indoors (except the firewalk itself) with access to bathroom/water/chairs/etc.
  • Cost: Suggested donation $75-$100, with barter options and sliding scale from $25. Costs directly cover materials and renting space at the Foundation of Lift
  • Registration: Please fill out this registration form and send your donation to participate. This event caps at 40 people.

This event is co-led by Cai Quirk, creator of the Queer Temple and author of “Transcendence: Queer Restoryation” (see more at and Tony Simons, a 14-year veteran firewalk instructor, author, and Cornell University professor.

Embrace the night as you light up your path to personal growth and collective empowerment. You will end the evening charged up, grounded, and very ready to take on life’s challenges. And you might change your life. This isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of who we are. Come, let’s walk through fire together.